Prioritize Goals


It starts with helping you define and prioritize goals so that you can put these financial decisions into perspective.

Prudent Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the process of determining optimal allocations across categories of assets, like stocks, bonds, preferred stocks, and cash.  This should suit your risk tolerance and investment time horizon.

High Level Asset Allocation
Risk Profile

Managed risk

Index Gurus will test your portfolio with a Monte Carlo Simulator and an Efficient Frontier analysis. The results of the simulation allow a comparison of the range of possible investment outcomes of the two portfolios and their respective probabilities.  We have tools to balance risk with return so that we understand your degree of risk.

Personalized Allocation

Index Gurus will customize a precise asset allocation for your needs.  Whether you are looking for growth or capital preservation and income, Index Gurus will design a diversified portfolio for a smoother ride.


Expert Guidance

You will work with a licensed and unbiased financial expert, who has a track record of success and the highest credentials in the industry.  We will work with you to make sure your portfolio is catered to your situation.

2022 Q4 Outlook | Strategy & Tactics

The Process

In the first step we want to learn what you hope to accomplish with your wealth. We want to understand your tolerance for risk, your stage in life, and your experience with different types of investments. We gather general information on your balance sheet of assets and debts to get a picture of your starting point on this journey. We will also explain what you can expect of us and make sure you understand the fee structure.
Here we will gather more detailed information on your assets and debts. Using some of the best financial planning software available, we will walk through and input your goals and risk tolerance levels. From there we will formulate your overall wealth management plan.
Once we fully understand your situation, we can begin designing your portfolio. We will first construct a well-diversified investment portfolio for you. We contact your other key advisors as appropriate and determine the best mix of services to round out your holdings. The final plan is presented to you for input and approval.
Once the recommended plan receives your input and approval, we begin the implementation phase of our process. We begin building your portfolio, placing funds in the various investments and transferring any assets to be moved.
Once your portfolio is set up, we will monitor your assets and make adjustments as needed to stay on course with your overall plan. As your steward, we are focused on watching over and taking care of your assets so you can feel confident you are progressing steadily towards your goals and you can relax and enjoy life. Meetings and consultations are generally held annually, although more frequent meetings are available if the client deems it necessary. We are also always just a phone call or email away.
$250k – $5 million • 1% per year of assets under management • FREE Basic Financial Planning Package (if over $1 million) $5 million + • 0.8% per year of assets under management • FREE Basic Financial Planning Package

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